December 30, 2010

Her kohl smudged eyes

Once upon a time she lit up the dark night
she was the moon-god for the seamless sky
but now she draws herself into the hush of her mind,
distancing herself from the chaotic world outside
The world of masks, of the ga-ga romances
of those toxic faces, of poses
of feeble men, some stark-naked,
some strongly guarded, some terribly bored

Her benevolent appearance now consumes mysteries
she wants to rest until revival
for she's chocked by those absurdities
of the dog eat dog world outside
she draws herself, vague and slow
into a complex world of her own,
of perceptive melancholy

She gets strangled in her bewildered thoughts
un-traversed by wild: un-restrained,
as she enters her everyday sojourn,
she begins to rant and rave
about all those forgotten moments of joy and sorrow
ready to take on the world with an innocence
and slowly her kohl smudged eyes veils the night

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