December 31, 2010

A Moonlight Sonata....

It was 3 AM

A heavy sigh, he looks over and there she is, his life, the woman who brings a lot to him in many, many ways. She had decided to spend the night, she doesn't stay very often, he always wanted her to stay, but she rarely does. It’s special for him when she stays. For reasons she knows; but she does not really understand why it is so special for him.

He sits up and putting his hand under his head, looking over at her, there she is, and the sheet barely covering her tanned and toned body. He looks at her as she lies there on her back, her head is turned towards him, her eyes are closed, and the sheet rises and falls as she breathes. Her breasts are just barely covered by the sheet. Her dark hair is all tussled.

He enjoys watching her sleep, to him she is beautiful and even more so when he watches her as she sleeps. Her face is without its normal loud smile, and her makeup all gone, not that she needs much. But when he watches her like this it makes him appreciate her beauty and tenderness, the soft and gentle touch she has.

Previous night they both cooked a casual dinner together. She had brought some red wine with her. They had the dinner in the balcony and sipped the red wine under the moonlight. Silence was their language. Neither he spoke a word nor she.

She now sleeps like a cherub, close to him, feeling safe n secure!! He keeps gazing at her angelic face, kiss curls rubbing on her face; her kohl smudged eyes, soft skin, her raspberry lips and didn't know when he fell into a trance.

He wakes up to see its morning. She is gone. His wait starts for another night