December 20, 2010

Lost to you....

As the sunlight early morning breaks
The blossoms bloom to wake
My sleepy eyes I squeeze open
Expecting a bright new day

As the first rays of sunlight
Reaches out from the horizon
Life begins
With the hints of commotion

Whispers and conceptions
The hazy fog disappears
Leaving drops of mist on the blades of grass
Like crystals strewn on a carpeted floor

I laze on my bed
Yearning for something bizarre
A beckon so strange,
Wishing something to change

I cannot avoid looking into my mobile
For his messages, the ones that he sent the previous night
I wait for clues and happily disappointed everyday
As the day urges to begin – a longing

Frantic thoughts rush through my mind
Is he thinking about me? this morning
Will these colors, blossoms, sounds
Bring my thoughts to him?

With this weird feeling inside
I put my foot forward
nod back and then smile
Masking those tears conceived

I won the world
and lost to you
To rise and call out your name
The one- I wish to be with

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