July 17, 2008

The Plain Me & The Plain You!

I study
the chemistry reactions
in those big volumes
my scribble pad
pen and pencil
in numerous times
I write them down
and it’s just the plain me

I shake
my leg to the beats
of drums and strings
sometimes wild
sometimes crazy
a lil head banging
my favorite jazz
and it’s just the plain me

I enjoy
the company of friends
traveling, playing pranks,
dream clicks, shopping
chit chat, having fun
Barista n KFC
my other favorite hangouts
and it’s just the plain me

I take
the greatest pleasure
wearing my black spaghetti
a floral wrap-around
settling with pieces of paper
and my blue color pen
a simmering pot
of potpourri
and it’s just the plain me

I land
myself among
those dusty old books
nuzzling on the attic above
an isle secure
dirtying my dress
I sneeze, sneeze and sneeze
I try to stop
and it’s just the plain me

I love
my solitude
for here no-one tells me
what I should say or do
and if they try
with my hand
I scratch them away
and it’s just the plain me

I create
I destroy
and just simply be
I do it again
I laugh; I cry,
scream n shout,
I can really be frivolous
let the kid in me out

Don’t think
I’m frenzied
nor demented
I’m doing just fine
perfectly fine
I’m merely creating
a dream in my mind
and it’s just the plain me

In love
with the dreaming me
the arrogant you
telling me
how special I am to you
putting me on top of the world
giving life to my reverie
and it’s just the plain you

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