February 09, 2009

A song for my...

At the edge of the cliff
Further a valley view
Frozen like ice
I closed my eyes
Shaking knee, shivering blue
He pushed me, and I flew

On his wings, he took me true
Snow white they were
I had no clue
I had no clue
Held him tight to chase the blue

He soared the heavens
We painted the skies
On the horizon
We drew a line
Forest we painted green
Clouds we washed them clean

Slowly then
The dusk came in
A brook we saw
And he swayed in
He put me down with a sigh
We played games till it was nigh

In the moonlight
Beside the river
A soft nuzzle
A wet kiss
Rubbed my hair
He gazed at my face

With heavens above
We made sweet love
Early before dawn
He was gone
Leaving a love-note and a red rose sweet
Beside me in a siesta deep

I woke up, I was in my room
Puzzled, I thought it was a dream
I stretched and turned to my left
Something pricked on my cheek I felt
It was that red rose
Years have passed but it stays fresh

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful....maybe one of these days...........