February 01, 2009

This Valentine's day.....

Love gifts and red roses pour
Sharing romantic kisses galore...
Animated people roaming in pairs
Acting mushy, most maddening and queer

February 14, worst day of the year
I would just want a bottle of beer
Go to the town hall dressed like a clown
Spend the day there; drink, till I am down

I see guys act brave in turquoise blue
Girls in pink without a clue
The truth is hidden, I can't speak
I would wear black for the whole week.

All the dumb ass girls get laid,
They later cry betrayed
Dim-witted boys puncture their pockets
Later are seen tearing their jackets

It's all the card seller's trick
Pink hearts and ornaments make me sick
Candle light dinners and love songs
Are things that later go wrong

This Valentines day, go to hell
Or just enjoy the fart and the smell
You better chew and eat the grass
Before, you kiss the Cupid's ass

For all those who want to enjoy life every bit
Escape the cupids arrow before it hits
Be joyous, merry and single,
Always ready to amazingly mingle

Still feeling romantic? Flush it
Coz, love is just $#!+, $#!+
So this is my opinion... what else do I say...
Love lorn a$$... Screw Valentine's Day!

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